About us

The company FRATELLI starts to produce straw hats in the first years 60’s, thanks to the passion and creativity of Mario Mazzanti and Valeria Paoli, successors of an artisan identity, typical of the Florentine area.

The Hat maker Fratelli Mazzanti has always been involved in the history and tradition of the Florentine territory. With love, passion and care the company produces Florentine hats with different shapes and braids. Distinctive pieces for woman’s and man’s clothing.

Its history starts in the town of Campi Bisenzio and integrates itself in the centuries-old history of Florentine straw hat.

An history started in 1718 by Domenico di Sebastiano Michelacci who, after various experiments, started to grow wheat for straw in order to manufacture hats.

After long studies, he realized that the small plants grew longer looking for light and like this they could give longer straw blades to be braided.

So, he reached the conclusion that seeding the “marzuolo” wheat densely and picking it before its maturation, could give a softer straw, easy to work.

Nowadays Fratelli Mazzanti’s hats are exported all over Europe, Israel, Japan, Latin America and United States. A touch of class and Italian elegance in your style.